Top 20 Auto Detailer Award

Here at New Again Auto Detail, we pride ourselves in providing good service at a fair price. That’s simply who we are. So it makes us feel even more proud when we’re recognized for, well, being ourselves. It is with great pleasure that we announce New Again Auto Detail has…

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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Fresh

New Again Auto Detail Hillsboro Portland

At New Again Auto Detail, we take great care to make your vehicle shine like New Again – both inside and outside. It’s a passion, and we treat your car like our own. One of the ways we can add more value to the services we provide, is to share…

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What is Auto Detailing?

New Again Auto Detail Resource Section

For those thinking about a cosmetic makeover for your vehicle, it makes sense to understand what auto detailing is all about. At New Again Auto Detail, we focus on three key areas of your vehicle. Whether it’s a complete service encompassing all three areas, a specific focus on the interior…

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Welcome: New Again Auto Detail!

We are pleased to launch our new web site! It’s just a start, but we will be adding more content soon. Here, you will be able to learn all about our services, get tips and tricks to keep your vehicle looking its best, and contact us when it’s time to…

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