4 Affordable Automobile Detailing Techniques

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Affordable Automotive Detailing Techniques New Again Auto Detail

Top Car Care Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive!

Taking care of your car is likely to be high on your agenda. You’re reading this, so it must be! This is the ideal way to ensure your automobile will stand the test of time. There’s nothing like having a vehicle that maintains its value and looks its best.

Affordable Automobile Detailing

Keeping your vehicle looking its absolute best can take some work, but it really doesn’t have to break the bank. Putting these tips to work is the perfect starting point for getting the top results you desire – and deserve!

New Again Auto Detail 1Choose the Right Soap

You may not think that the detergent you use on your vehicle will make a difference but it can. Selecting the best soap for your detailing efforts is vital. This is not the place to scrimp.

You’ll want to choose a high-quality brand that’s has the right amount of powerful detergent. Avoid going with a cheaper option because it most likely won’t work nearly as well. For just a few more pennies per wash, a high-quality soap will not just clean, but really enhance.


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For example, Mr. Pink from Chemical Guys covers all the bases. It is perfect for the average “weekly wash” program and works well with a foam gun. After all, it’s not called “Super Suds” for nothing.

In addition to taking care of your vehicle, you can help the environment as well. Mr. Pink is not only pH balanced, but is also biodegradable!

New Again Auto Detail 2Use a Microfiber Mitt

Selecting the best cleaning supplies when washing your car should be a priority. One thing you can do is use a microfiber mitt rather than a sponge. (In Microfiber Towels: Right Tool for the Right Job, you can learn more about why Microfiber is such a beneficial technology.)

Going with a Microfiber Mitt over a sponge not only gets the microfiber cleaning benefits, but it’s more efficient, too. With each gentle swipe, your mitt will cover a lot more real estate than a sponge. This becomes an effective method for washing your vehicle – thoroughly – within a shorter amount of time.

Chemical Guys MIC499 Big Mofo Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt, 1 Pack

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Staying with Chemical Guys for this example, a great way to cover some ground with their Big Mofo Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt. (Love that name!) They of course have smaller sizes if you want more of sporty feel to your wash. But if you want the “big barge” of cleaning, the Mofo is your tool!

New Again Auto Detail 3Remove Minor Scratches

With most anything, staying on top of “issues” before they get out of hand is not only easier to manage, but can cost much less – with greater results! – in the long run. Getting the most out of your detailing efforts is no different.

Removing small scratches isn’t difficult, but can take a bit of effort and “elbow grease” to make it happen.

An “All-in-One” scratch removal kit can be very effective in making this possible. One trusted name in automotive care is Meguiar’s. Their Scratch Eraser Kit allows you to use a light duty drill to erase scratches and scuffs.

Meguiar's G190200EU Scratch Removal Kit to remove light car scratches, blemishes and swirls. Quick & Easy

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A kit like this one has everything needed to quickly and safely remove fine scratches and blemishes. Simply follow the instructions for these types of kits to ensure you have the absolute best results.

New Again Auto Detail 4Purchase a Dual-Action Polisher

Having the right tools on hand to make your vehicle look its best is an important part of your detailing picture. One of the most effective items may be a dual-action polisher.

The difference between a dual-action polisher and what many call a buffer is an important distinction – one that can protect your vehicle’s finish.

A traditional buffer is essentially a drill that turns a pad at a high rate of speed. If you push too hard on your car’s surface, you can grind away the paint. The buffer just keeps turning.

A dual-action polisher is a much easier – and safer – way to get the same results.  While the buffer simply spins around a single axis, the “dual-action” polisher adds a safety feather: the axis itself rotates in an “orbit” as well.

ZOTA Buffer Polisher, 15mm Long-Throw Orbital Polisher, 6-inch Dual Action Polisher 850w Polisher for Car Detailing with Variable Speed Soft Start-RP1506

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Having these two patterns moving the polishing pad at the same time helps to prevent too much time and pressure in one place. It moves the pad in such a way that it makes circular motions, making it harder to miss a spot as well.

ZOTA offers their “Buffer Polisher” that provides a large orbit area to really capitalize on that dual action. The kit comes with their variable speed polisher with a nice “Soft Start” capability, along with 3 professional polishing pads.

A Little Time – A Lot of Value

Taking the time to improve the value of your vehicle is possible when you do the right things. Detailing your automobile is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Auto detailing is a car task you can handle. Affordable auto detailing is one you can handle without paying a lot of money out of your own pocket. Working diligently to do this job can drastically improve the appearance of your car and up the value of it in the process.

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