Buyer’s Guide: Top Tires for Best Fuel Economy 2023

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In the world of automobiles, every nuance and detail holds immense importance. That’s why you go the extra mile to detail your own car. Beyond the aesthetics of detailing, enthusiastic car owners rave about the engine’s horsepower or the aerodynamic curves of a car’s design. However, there’s a silent hero that often doesn’t get the limelight it deserves: the tires

These rubber wonders, hugging the roads, play a pivotal role in determining how smoothly and efficiently a vehicle runs. It’s not just about grip or longevity; it’s about how new tires can influence the fuel consumption of your vehicle. As fuel prices soar and environmental concerns rise, the significance of fuel-efficient tires has never been more pronounced.

Let’s delve into the world of the best fuel economy tires, exploring their magic, and understanding their contribution to the automotive world.


Why Fuel Economy Matters?

Before we get into our top picks, let’s understand why fuel economy is crucial. With gas prices fluctuating and environmental concerns continuing to rise, achieving the best miles per gallon (MPG) has become a priority for many drivers. Efficient tires can make a noticeable difference in your vehicle’s fuel consumption, and can be an excellent choice in saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint

What Makes a Tire Fuel-Efficient?

Fuel-efficient tires have low rolling resistance. In simple terms, low rolling resistance tires require less energy to move, which means your car uses less fuel. These tires are designed with specific tread patterns and rubber compounds to minimize the energy lost as heat when the tire rolls.

Our Top Picks

While we encountered some technical difficulties accessing detailed reviews from specific websites, we’ve gathered insights from various reliable sources to present the best fuel-efficient tires.

1. Michelin Defender2

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Michelin, a brand often associated with quality and innovation, has introduced the Defender2 tire, aiming to redefine standards. Designed as one of the best tires for SUVs, sedans, and minivans, the Defender2 is notable for its innovative tread design and a smooth and quiet ride. But what truly sets the Defender2 apart is its focus on fuel efficiency.

In an era where every drop of fuel counts, this tire promises to be a driver’s best companion. The secret lies in its unique rubber compound. This specially formulated compound has been engineered to generate minimal heat. Why is this significant? Because less heat means lower rolling resistance, which directly translates to optimized fuel consumption.

However, no product is without its drawbacks. Some users have reported that the Defender2, while excelling in dry conditions, might not offer the same level of grip on wet roads, especially during heavy downpours. This could potentially affect braking distances and overall handling. Additionally, while the tire promises longevity, its price point is on the higher side, making it a considerable investment for many.

Our Take:  The Michelin Defender2 offers a blend of innovative design and fuel efficiency, but potential buyers should weigh its performance on wet surfaces and its cost before making a purchase.

2. Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

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Goodyear, a name that resonates with trust and reliability in the tire industry, brings forth the Assurance MaxLife. This tire has quickly become a top choice for eco-conscious drivers and for good reasons. Its distinct tread pattern is meticulously designed to reduce friction, which directly contributes to optimal fuel economy. Every rotation feels smoother, and every mile seems to consume less fuel.

Additionally, in an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessity, Goodyear has taken a commendable step. The Assurance MaxLife is crafted using sustainable materials, ensuring that while you save on fuel, you also tread lightly on our planet.

However, while its performance on dry roads is commendable, it may not offer the same grip on wet and snowy terrains, potentially compromising safety in harsh weather conditions.

Our Take:  The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife offers a blend of eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency. However, potential buyers may also consider winter performance if that matters to them.

3. Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

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Pirelli, a brand that has long been synonymous with high-quality tire manufacturing, presents the P7 AS Plus 3. As the name subtly hints, this tire is designed with a specific purpose in mind: to optimize fuel efficiency.

The Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 stands out with its advanced rubber compound, which has been meticulously formulated to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Coupled with its aerodynamic design, this tire promises to deliver the best miles per gallon (MPG) for your vehicle, making every journey more economical.

However, as with all products, the Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 comes with its set of challenges. While the tire excels in fuel efficiency, it may not offer the same level of road grip in wet conditions, especially during heavy rainfall. Additionally, some consumers also raise concerns over its high price.

Our Take:  While the Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 promises impressive fuel efficiency, potential buyers should weigh its wet road performance and noise levels before making an investment.

4. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

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Bridgestone, a titan in the tire industry, has recently introduced the Turanza Serenity Plus to its lineup. Despite being a relatively new entrant, it has swiftly carved a niche for itself in the market. One of the standout features of the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus is its remarkable fuel-saving capabilities.

Fuel savings is largely attributed to its innovative tread design, which not only ensures a reduction in fuel consumption but also promises a ride that’s both more quiet and comfortable than regular tires. For drivers who value peace and tranquility during their journeys, this tire seems to hit the mark.

Our Take: Its performance on snowy roads can be a tad inconsistent. This might raise concerns about its grip and handling in such conditions. Additionally, a few reports suggest that the tire’s longevity might not be on par with some of its competitors, leading to potential concerns about its durability and the frequency of replacements.

5. Hankook Kinergy Eco 2

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Hankook, a brand that has consistently delivered quality to the tire industry, brings forth the Kinergy Eco 2. Tailored specifically for those extended drives, this tire promises to squeeze the most out of every gallon of fuel, ensuring that your journeys are both enjoyable and economical.

One of its standout features is its robust construction. Built to last, the Kinergy Eco 2 offers drivers the assurance of longevity, making it the right tires for those who view their tire purchases as long-term investments.

Our Take.  The Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 might struggle a bit in more extreme weather, particularly in snowy terrains. This could raise questions about its all-season adaptability.

Additionally, while its durability is commendable, there have been occasional mentions of the tire being slightly noisier than some of its counterparts. This isn’t reported to affect ride quality, but might be a point of contention for drivers who prioritize a silent ride.

6. Continental PureContact LS

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Continental’s PureContact LS is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. Designed for eco-conscious drivers, it is often considered a suitable tire for hybrid cars. It ensures optimal fuel utilization, making every journey more economical in the reduction of energy used.

Its unique tread design not only guarantees a smooth ride but also emphasizes fuel conservation, a feature that resonates with today’s environmentally-aware drivers.

However, it is Continental tire’s innovative DWS indicators that truly set it apart. These letters, representing Dry, Wet, and Snow conditions, provide real-time feedback on the tire’s performance. As the tread wears, the “S” fades first, indicating reduced snow traction. The subsequent fading of “W” suggests diminished wet traction, and when “D” disappears, it’s time for a replacement.

Our Take:  While this system is ingenious, it also brings to light a potential concern. As the tire wears, its ability to perform optimally across varied conditions diminishes. This means that over its lifespan, the PureContact LS may not consistently offer peak “all season” performance in all weathers conditions.

Additionally, the need for regular checks can be a bit demanding for some drivers.

7. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

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Pirelli, a name synonymous with luxury and performance in the tire world, introduces the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus, tailored specifically for SUVs and CUVs. This tire is not just about performance; it’s about eco-friendly driving with a touch of luxury. Designed for a smooth, long-lasting ride, it promises outstanding all-season traction and a notable improvement in your vehicle’s fuel economy, reducing the amount of energy required.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus stands out with its ability to reduce a vehicle’s CO2 emissions, thanks to its enhanced rolling resistance. This means drivers can enjoy more of the open road and fewer stops at the gas station.

Engineered using over 15 innovative materials and a computer-optimized tread profile, this tire lightens the load on your vehicle’s drivetrain, leading to better fuel efficiency. Additionally, it offers a quiet and comfortable ride, courtesy of its original equipment-inspired pitch sequencing.

Our Take:  While it boasts excellent wet traction, its performance in heavier snow conditions might not be up to par with specialized winter tires. Also, some users might find the tread life to be a little shorter than expected.

8. General Grabber HTS

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The General Grabber HTS is a product of General Tire, a brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. This tire is specifically designed for those who prioritize fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

One of its standout features is its advanced tread compound, which not only ensures improved mileage but also promises enhanced durability. The tire boasts a low rolling resistance, a feature that maximizes fuel economy, making it a Smartway Verified product.

Additionally, the General Grabber HTS comes with a 13/32” tread depth, ensuring extended tire life and some off-road capabilities. Its closed shoulder tread design is another highlight, ensuring even tread wear and providing enhanced wet traction. Furthermore, the tire incorporates patented innovative groove technology, which minimizes stone retention, thereby extending the casing life.

Our Take:  It is important to consider that the deep tread design may cause some noise issues on highways although not distractable. As with many tires that have deep tread design, this tire may also struggle in heavy rains.

9. Continental ContiProContact

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Continental, a brand renowned for its tire innovations, presents the ContiProContact. This tire is not just about performance; it’s about achieving fuel efficiency without compromising on the driving experience. The ContiProContact is equipped with a unique tread design that ensures optimal traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Its PROactive EDGE technology, characterized by numerous arched edges on the shoulders, enhances all-weather traction. This makes it a reliable choice even in slippery or snowy conditions, positioning it a a decent all season tire.

Moreover, the tire’s notched center rib design ensures superior traction, stability, and responsive steering, even on wet or snowy pavements. This design also allows the tire to perform well on loose or muddy terrains, although it’s not specifically an off-road tire.

Our Take:  One of the notable drawbacks of the ContiProContact is the tire noise at high speeds. While it offers a silent ride at moderate speeds, the tire tends to get noisier as you push the speed limit. Additionally, while it performs decently in light snow, it might struggle in deeper snow.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tire

When shopping for the best fuel-economy tires, consider the following:

Tire Size

The size of your tire is more than just a number; it’s crucial for optimal vehicle performance. Ensure you select a size that’s compatible with your vehicle’s specifications. An ill-fitting tire can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, compromised safety, and even damage to your vehicle over time.

If you are replacing tires to be fitted to the stock (or custom) rims, you of course need to select the same size shoe that came off the car. You might get away with a slightly wider or narrower footprint, but don’t overdo it. Too much variance can affect tread life and even become a safety issue.

However, if you are also replacing stock wheels with custom rims, you have flexibility. For example, if a lower profile tire is of interest, you can use a larger diameter wheel. If balanced correctly, the same overall size of the mounted tire is maintained.

This can be important for clearance reasons – you don’t want to scrape your tire when you turn sharply or go into a driveway ramp a bit hot.

Tread Pattern

The intricacies of a tire’s tread can greatly influence your vehicle’s fuel consumption. A well-designed tread pattern can significantly reduce rolling resistance, leading to better fuel economy. It’s essential to choose a pattern that not only looks good but also optimizes fuel consumption, especially for long drives.

Your goal is a good balance between good traction, noise reduction, and low-rolling resistance. Do an excellent job in this area and you’ll get excellent performance out of your investment.


Not all tires are created equal when it comes to seasonal performance. Some excel in summer heat, while others are designed to grip icy roads. Before making a purchase, consider the typical weather conditions in your region and your usual road surface. Choosing a tire that’s suited for your local climate ensures consistent performance and safety throughout the year.

Be sure to remember the exceptions and that occasional road trip. You may live in a desert climate, but you may encounter occasional heavy rain. When road tripping, road conditions can change quickly. A winter tire designed for use in deep snow will work fine in that desert region, but always practice caution – especially at highway speeds.


While everyone loves a good deal when it comes to tires, you often get what you pay for. While it might be tempting to save a few bucks up front, investing in a high-quality, slightly pricier tire can lead to better fuel efficiency, longer tire life, and overall cost savings in the long run.

This can’t be stressed enough. There are many tire types from which to choose, so you might compare to find the less expensive option. However, the reality is you will have this investment for a long time. One of the best things about investing in quality is the almost certain payback. Investing in a quality, longer lasting tire will contribute to less installation fees by not doing it as often.

Install and balance fees can be substantial. Just do it once.


All the above factors speak to desgin – and the best option for you to choose for your driving requirements. Matching the type of tires to the need is the key. That is true for high performance vehicles, family sedans, or any of the new generation of electric vehicles. Choose wisely.

Our Spin

Selecting the appropriate tire for your vehicle is not just about aesthetics or performance; it’s a decision that can significantly impact your fuel economy and, by extension, your wallet. In today’s world, where environmental concerns are paramount and every penny counts, making a conscious choice towards fuel-efficient tires becomes not just a preference but a necessity.

Hankook Kinergy Eco 2

Among the myriad options available, the Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 stands out as a top recommendation for those seeking the pinnacle of fuel efficiency. By making such informed choices, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also enjoy substantial savings in the long run.

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