What is a Full Service Detailing?

New Again Auto Detail - Full Service

Complete Detail Package

You have a great vehicle, but it could be in need of a Full Service Detailing. Whether you research how to do it yourself or you hire a professional, it is important to understand what “complete” really means.

New Again Auto Detail is dedicated to helping you care for your vehicle. We help you refreshen its looks and make it “New Again” whether you have a late model or a classic cruiser.

Full Service Detailing

A complete “Full Service” auto detailing job generally includes both an interior and exterior deep cleaning.

Exterior Surfaces

  • Initial hand wash to remove surface dirt and road grime
  • Machine-polish exterior paint to remove light oxidation and surface scratches
  • Hand wax to protect paint freshly polished paint from the elements

Interior Surfaces

  • Deep clean interior cloth, carpet, leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces
  • Thorough cleaning of all slots, seams, channels, and any other areas that trap dust and debris
  • Complete vacuum and “nook and cranny” cleaning cited above in the trunk and/or cargo area

Once you or a professional get your vehicle in New Again condition, you can then start to consider efficient strategies for keeping it that way. (Often easier than getting it there!) Learn more about focusing on just the interior or exterior surfaces.

Engine Compartment

  • Careful and light cleaning of the engine compartment
  • Due to an extensive array of electronic components on newer cars, neither a steam clean nor a pressure wash is recommended
  • There is generally an additional charge for this service

There are so many things happening under the hood, it is usually a good idea for inexperienced detailers to start with a professional job. Using the services – once – of an “Auto Landry” as they are often called, may be all you need.

It’s the same as Interior and Exterior surfaces above: harder to get it New Again, than it is to keep it there. Let the pro get it there. Then, use the auto detailing tips, tricks, and techniques shared by New Again Auto Detail to keep it there!

Start with a Complete Detail Package if your vehicle has never had a “detailed detail.” Once it is in top cosmetic condition, it will be much easier to keep it that way with lighter, more targeting services.

The same is true for your engine compartment. Once it has been cleaned, it will take little effort to keep it looking fresh.

Occasional interior, exterior, and engine projects are very appropriate to keep your vehicle looking new!

Rely on New Again Auto Detail for all the information you’ll need to make your ride “New Again!”

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