Headlamp Renewal

Headlight Restoration $50.00

New Again Auto Detail

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The elements wreak havoc on headlight lenses. Sun, heat, rain and harsh chemicals from commercial car washes damage the UV protection and the familiar “fogging” occurs.

The front facia is the primary identity for any car, and one that is noticed first virtually every time. A targeted Headlamp Renewal from New Again Auto Detail is your best value for an inexpensive “mini-detail.”

Headlamp Renewal Service

  • Remove damaged surface of each headlight lens
  • Polish, buff or sand as necessary, based on condition
  • Restore lens clarity and protect with UV plastic protection wax

Start your vehicle’s renewal with a Full Service Detail, then keep it in prime condition with an occasional Interior or Exterior Service. When you want a quick and inexpensive refresh, boost your vehicle’s front facia with a Headlamp Renewal Service.

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