The Best Wax Choices for Silver Cars

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best car wax for silver cars

Generally, most car owners want to take good care of their cars. After all, they are significant investments. If you’re reading this, you take it seriously. However, many of us want more than long-lasting protection for our whole car – inside and out.

You don’t have to be renowned detailer Bradley Scott-Stevens of BlueChip Detail in the UK to know that choosing and applying the best wax will keep environmental damage to the paint at bay. Choosing the best car waxes to use is the best strategy.

Great Results for Silver Cars

Every car paint color has its nuances, and those in the popular silver car camp, want their silver paintwork to look great. Silver is popular as well as the metallic silver finishes, too. In either case, you want to see the metallic flake of your silver paint pop!


As technology has changed the formulations through the years, the best car polish can actually be a high-quality car wax. Here’s our picks for choosing the best silver car wax for your silver paint.

The Right Type of Wax for Best Results

First, some background. You’ll find the full list of our recommended waxes at the bottom.

A car’s paint doesn’t always need a buffer and polishing compound. A really good wax can go a long way to reducing light scratches. Done properly – and with the right type of wax – it can protect against UV rays and help to extend the paint’s life for a long time.

Yes, long periods of time. You could get 3-5 months longevity in some cases. Heck, it could even protect against acid rain.

Only slightly kidding, on that last point since a quality wax will actually inhibit corrosion from even the nastiest of environmental factors.

Types of Waxes

Traditional Car Waxes

There are many types of car wax products. Traditional waxes range from liquid waxes to paste form. There can be spray waxes from liquid form. You can find a cleaner wax which are considered “wax combos.” There are natural waxes and colored car wax. There’s even the good old wet look carnauba wax.

Unique Formula Waxes

Then there’s a more high tech line of synthetic waxes and synthetic wax formulas. You can find ceramic wax or a hydrophobic formula. There’s even wax combos that help you clean the whole car. Often the testing of different oils produces an end product after several prototypes, so new approaches to better wax treatment seem to be released all the time.

Related Supplies

You may be able to evaluate all the available wax product options for your car, but you will still need 2 key supplies for a successful result. Let’s take a look at those products that will help you succeed.

Clay Bar

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You can really clean your car’s paint with a Clay Bar – and you should. A Clay Bar will get the last little bits of dirt, grit, and grime your meticulous wash just didn’t get. If you’re now asking, “How do I clay bar my car,” we have your back.

Microfiber Pad

A microfiber applicator pad is your best friend – because it will provide for much better results. The texture will leave you with an excellent shine when wax is applied – and removed.

How to Apply for Great Results

Having the perfect surface to apply the best wax using the most appropriate applicator won’t mean anything if you don’t do it right. The good news is there’s only a few key things to keep in mind to “do it right.”

Clean Surface

Make sure your paint is perfectly clean. No, not “freshly home from the car wash clean” but hand-washed, touching all surfaces carefully.

We’ve already talked about taking the extra step to Clay Bar your car, so you have what you need to do the proper prep. You will thank your future self for it!

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Applying wax includes the process of the applied material to dry to a haze. Once it creates a fine haze, that’s the time to remove it. However, doing so in the sun will not just cause that haze to happen too quickly, it will bake the wax making it nearly impossible to remove properly.

Some waxes claim they can be applied in full sun. We simply don’t recommend it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have good lighting in your garage. It is important to be able to see all the subtle nuances of body contours and wax coverage. You want to have those lights show wax strokes without the baking. Ample lights of good quality in your garage is good. Sun is bad.

Technique is Everything

Done right, you will only need a single application – and not again for a while. Do it right and you wont have to do it again very soon.

The best method is to use a constant circular motion, while continuing to move around the area. Don’t use straight motions since your paint will be more susceptible to visible lines.

These aren’t scratches, really. However, straight lines are easier for the light to reflect and for you to see. Even very, very subtle lines can become visible. The circular motion hides those lines due to the circular nature of applying – and then removing – the wax.

Quality Products Help Black Cars and Light Colors, Too

Let’s not exclude dark colored cars – or our light colored rides. They may not be the popular silver, but they have a great finish, too. Black and light colored cars can benefit from the deep shine that comes with a solid protective layer, too.

After all, there’s nothing like a spotless black car, and a white car looks cleaner, longer!

There’s not just one best option when choosing a wax for black or light colored cars, either. Those colors can benefit from these strategies for an amazing shine, too – not to mention a long-lasting shine!

Our Wax Choices for Silver Cars

These are our top picks of some of the finer waxes available for your silver (and other colored) cars:

Meguiars Ulitmate Liquid Wax

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ONE EASY STEP: Formula delivers maximum synthetic protection, durability, depth of color, and reflectivity in this easy one step.

EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Thin Film technology provides for easy application and wipe off even in full sun, and will not stain non-painted trim pieces white.

LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Advanced synthetic polymers crosslink to form a long-lasting protective barrier while amplifying reflection for incredible depth and mirror-like shine.

WATER ROLLS RIGHT OFF PAINT: Hydrophobic Polymer technology increases surface tension to protect paint.

SAFE AND FLEXIBLE: Safe and effective on all glossy paints and clear coats, and can be applied by hand or dual action variable speed polisher like Meguiar’s MT300 Dual Action Polisher.

Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Wax

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Gold Class premium was with a luxurious carnauba-polymer blend gives your paint finish strong, long-lasting wax protection with a brilliant reflective shine.

Special blend of carnauba wax with protecting polymers is safe and effective on clear coats and all glossy paint types.

This liquid wax features an improved formula that creates an even richer shine and leaves a deeper gloss with sharp, clear reflections.

Easily glides on and off with included high-quality soft foam applicator.

Can be applied by hand or with DA polisher like Meguiar’s MT300 Dual Action Polisher

Turtle Wax Color Magic Car Paintwork Polish

Check pricing on Amazon

Cleans, shines, restores & adds color while providing long lasting protection and outstanding shine.

Easy to use.

Long lasting protection.

Professional finish.

New formula provides Dynamic color boost.



Chemical Guys JetSeal Anti-Corrosion Sealant

Check pricing on Amazon

Protection from the harshest environmental elements.

Bonds with the exterior of your auto giving it a mirror like wet finish.

Delivers a durable high gloss shield.

This product is a unique anti corrosion sealant developed to provide the finest finish.

A great alternative to hydrophobic ceramic coatings or nano coatings which require your paint surface to be completely free of scratches, swirls and blemishes before application.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

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HIGH SHINE FORMULA – Formulated from a blend of natural Carnauba, polymers and resins, Butter Wet Wax delivers an unmatched surface shine and deep wet finish.

SAFE FOR ALL FINISHES – Butter Wet Wax can be applied to your car, boat, motorcycle, SUV, truck or RV’s paint, glass, and metal surfaces to clean, shine and protect. You can even use Butter Wet Wax on top of your ceramic coating for an extra layer of shine and protection. Not recommended for matte finishes.

JUST LIKE WE NEED SUN SCREEN, YOUR CAR NEEDS PROTECTION TOO – The sun is one of the most harmful enemies of your vehicle’s finish. Butter Wet Wax helps fight UVA and UVB rays to help extend the life of your paintwork.

NOT JUST FOR DETAILERS – Chemical Guys products can be used by beginners and pros alike because our products are so easy to use. Just apply a few drop to an applicator, spread in a thin even coat and buff off any residue with a microfiber towel. See bottle for complete product and direction for use information.

TRUST CHEMICAL GUYS – Our company has been built with a passion for shine. We are passion-filled car enthusiasts who work every day to produce products that make things look better, smell better and make people happy. Butter Wet Wax Liquid Cream Car Wax is proudly produced in Southern California.

CAR GUYS Premium Series Liquid Wax

Check pricing on Amazon

Only apply 1-2 times a year! Are you tired of using products that look great, but don’t last? You won’t experience that here! The advanced proprietary polymer additives boosts protection and durability.

Super Easy to Apply and Buff! No professional needed! See why customers rave at how simple it is to use. Easier to apply and wipe off compared to many others on the market.

Super Slick Mirror Shine! Brings the gloss up to another level, with crystal-clear reflections. Surfaces become super slick and will continue to bead for months.

CAR GUYS Quality. Their products are made with the latest advancements in science, using the best equipment available. Every formula mixed and bottled in the USA!

Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax

Check pricing on Amazon

An excellent value for a premium carnauba paste wax!

Buttery texture is easy to apply.

Produces rich, wet shine on any color.

No chalky haze, wipes off wet.

Lasts up to 90 days.


T-Cut Scratch Remover Color Fast Paintwork Restorer Car Polish

Check pricing on Amazon

The T-Cut Color Fast range is the easy way to clean, restore and wax your car.

T-Cut Color Fast is ideal for most paint finishes.

The advanced polymers, pigmented resins, and wax technology provide the easiest way yet to remove surface oxidation, blemishes and minor scratches leaving a deep gloss Triplewax shine that lasts and lasts.

T-Cut Color Fast restores without effort the shine and luster to all paintwork, including metallics.

Available in White, Black, Light Red, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Silver, Midnight Blue, Purple, Orange, Pearl and Yellow.

Ethos Ceramic Wax

Check pricing on Amazon

3-IN-1 FORMULA REPLACES WAXES, POLISHES AND SEALANTS. Ethos Ceramic Wax makes protecting your car, boat, RV or Motorcycle EASY! This quick, instant buff formula provides superior protection while being quick and easy to use. Get a clean, shiny finish without hurting your car’s paint by using Ethos ceramic coating for cars.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. One application ceramic wax has been proven to last 10X longer than traditional carnauba waxes or polymer sealants. Don’t waste time and money on other cheap waxes or “Ceramic” products that don’t live up to their claims.

LONG LASTING RESULTS. Once applied to your paint, glass or chrome ceramic car wax cures to completely seal and protect the surface from the elements. You can easily apply just like a wax and enjoy long lasting Gloss, Shine and Hydrophobic effects month after month.

NON-STICK, MIRROR-SHINE FINISH. This new formula produces a deep, vibrant shine that makes any car look like a show car. Once applied, ceramic wax for cars cures to form a slick, non-stick armor protecting your vehicle from corrosion, oxidation, UV rays and environmental contaminants.

AEROSPACE GRADE SEALANT. Our PATENTED Teflon Resins were trusted by NASA to protect the delicate finishes of the Space Shuttle from weathering. This same technology can now be used to protect your vehicle from the elements, in a formula that anyone can use.

Sonax Silver Polish and Wax

Check pricing on Amazon

Color polish with natural carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

Color pigments cover small scratches.

Gives the paint colors powerful radiance and a brilliant high gloss that lasts for months.

Provides outstanding long-term protection.

Cleans, polishes and protects in one operation with the additional color pen.



Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Liquid Wax

Check pricing on Amazon

Formulated to clean and protect in one application.

Effective on fiberglass and gel coats.

Contains heat resistant carnauba wax for a long-lasting shine.

Regular use provides a long lasting benefit to your vehicle.




Conclusion: Get to Work!

As mentioned earlier, if you’re reading this, you already know the best part about car care is that it is both art and science to get a quality end result. Choosing the right wax and associated supplies, coupled with good technique will result in a comfortable ease of use.

There’s no perfect choice (only good ones) and it usually comes down to personal preference. Gather great info about products, try them out, and it will become an easy solution and be a good choice.

Good luck with your next car shine project!

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