What is Auto Detailing?

Welcome To New Again Auto DetailFor those thinking about a cosmetic makeover for your vehicle, it makes sense to understand what auto detailing is all about. At New Again Auto Detail, we focus on three key areas of your vehicle. Whether it’s a complete service encompassing all three areas, a specific focus on the interior or the exterior, or simply an inexpensive headlamp renewal, it’s best to start with describing what they are all about.


Wikipedia describes auto detailing as “the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.”

And it is “show-quality” for which we strive!

Our Three Main Focus Areas

As the Wikipedia definition implies, a vehicle’s interior and exterior are two areas of focus when conducting a detailing service. In addition to our full service treatment, New Again Auto Detail has a more refined exterior strategy, providing for a third category: Headlamp Renewal. Let’s look at these areas of focus:

New Again Auto DetailExterior Detailing

When detailing the exterior of your vehicle, the goal is to clean and restore the surface matching or exceeding the original factory condition. While glossy paint might be the first thing that comes to mind, all visible components are considered part of this service. Chrome trim, windows, and tires and wheels are also addressed using a variety of products and specialized techniques, matching the material to be restored and the current surface condition.

Some of the products might include detergents and other chemical cleaners. Here at New Again Auto Detail, we only use citrus-based cleaners to break down dirt and soil. Detail clay is used to remove embedded contaminates, coaxing them carefully from the surface.

Various waxes and polishes are used to restore the surface and to improve reflectivity and that deep shine look. All of this is performed using an appropriate variety of applicators, brushes, and drying towels to protect and enhance your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

PP 1Interior Detailing

Your vehicle’s interior poses a unique set of challenges for restoring it to “New Again” condition. One can’t start by taking a hose to it, covering all the surfaces in citris-based, soapy water, and carefully wiping the soiled surfaces clean.

With materials ranging from carpet to upholstery to vinyl to natural fibers to carbon fiber composites to plastics and more, a careful and informed approach is required. Add the challenge of all those hard to reach “nooks and crannies” and you can see why a professional treatment is a very good idea.

Vacuuming is considered a standard, starting point. From there, selective shampooing, steam cleaning, leather treatments, and applying appropriate protectants to various surfaces are performed. Again, at New Again Auto Detail, we only use citrus-based cleaners to help minimize the impact on the environment and provide you with a safe, comfortable driving environment.

New Again Auto DetailHeadlamp Renewal

As mentioned earlier, New Again Auto Detail has further refined the exterior detailing service by focusing on and additional specific area: headlamp renewal. A periodic headlamp renewal can be your best strategy to extend the life of your complete interior and exterior detailing service.

Here’s why:

Mother nature and her outdoor elements wreak havoc on headlight lenses. Sun, heat, rain and harsh chemicals from commercial car washes damage the UV protection and the all too familiar “fogging” occurs on the exterior headlamp bezels.

The front facia is the primary identity for any car, and one that is noticed first virtually every time. A targeted Headlamp Renewal from New Again Auto Detail is your best value for an inexpensive “mini-detail.” In that service, we:

  • Remove damaged surface of each headlight lens
  • Polish, buff or sand as necessary, based on condition
  • Restore lens clarity and protect with UV plastic protection wax

Start your vehicle’s renewal with a Full Service Detail, then keep it in prime condition with an occasional Interior or Exterior Service. When you want a quick and inexpensive refresh, boost your vehicle’s front facia with a Headlamp Renewal Service.

New Again Auto Detail

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  1. I am not a client, but have known these two for several years! Great people, hard working, and passionate about his new business! Please check them out!

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